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Our consultant ensure you meet all regulatory requirements the first time you apply. The visa process will only get more complex as you go along. It is crucial to start off on the right foot.

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Guidance & Support

In case of any change are required, we will ensure to incorporate these in a timely matter.

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It is proven that businesses that plan grow 30% faster than those who don't. Learn how to track your company performance continuously,

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Our employees are high performing consultants with extensive experience in investment banking, consulting and business. Our knowledge spans over 52 different industries in all continents.

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100% Customization

Our user-friendly presentations entail detailed business financials and infographics, unique and specific to your business.

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Compliance & Assurance

Our immigration consultants have wide-ranging experience that will ensure your business plan is compliant to current and future immigration standards.

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Our Solution

LMIA Exempt C11
IMP Entrepreneur
Business Plan

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Business Plan Specifics:
  • Size: 35 - 45 pages long

  • Timeframe: 10 to 15 business days

  • Graphic Design included

  • Team: 2 senior consultants

  • Unlimited Revisions up to 3 weeks


A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document required by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), which is a Canadian government body responsible for social programs and the labour market at the federal level. This document certifies that the company seeks to hire a foreign worker, confirming that the foreign worker is essential and that reasonable efforts were made to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident first.

The International Mobility Program (IMP) provides several exemptions to this LMIA requirement, called R205(a) C11, this pathway is commonly known as the Significant Benefit category. The IMP - Significant Benefit LMIA Exempt work permit is a variant where the foreign candidate needs to commence or acquire a business in Canada that will create economic stimulus or advancement of the Canadian industry, which will create opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Besides demonstrating benefit, the applicant must own a minimum of 50% of the aspired business.

For this program, it is important to note that the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they will have the incentive to depart Canada when the business has successfully been established or when the work is finished.

As part of the program requirements, a business plan is considered to be a critical part of the application. The business plan needs to outline the plans of the applicant and the likelihood that a viable business will be established that will provide economic stimulus to the Canadian labour market. Our LMIA Exempt IMP Significant Benefit business plans meet all the critical requirements and adhere to the standards for C11 exemption, outlining your prior experience and future plans in Canada. Besides being fully compliant with immigration requirements, our business plan will set you up for success upon landing in Canada.

02.Document Contents

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Business Model

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Mission & Vision

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Services or Products

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Industry Analysis

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Market Analysis

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Marketing Strategies

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Personnel Plan

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Candidate's Management

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Financial Projections

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Significant Benefit


Who is eligible for a LMIA Exempt C11 - IMP International Mobility Program -Entrepreneur / Self-employed Business Plan?

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The key requirement is that the business person owns a registered business in Canada with a controlling interest of more than 50%.

Other requirements that assess "significant benefit" include:                                          

  • The work is likely to create a viable business that will benefit Canadian or permanent resident workers or provide economic stimulus

  • The applicant has a particular background or skills that will improve the viability of the business

  • There is a business plan that clearly shows that the applicant has taken steps to initiate their business

  • The applicant has taken some measure to put the business plan in action (showing evidence of having the financial ability to begin the business and pay expenditures, renting space, having a staffing plan, obtaining a business number, showing ownership documents or agreements, etc.)

What sections will be included in the business plan?

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Business plan structures may vary significantly depending on the client’s needs. However, all business plans include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, mission & vision, financial model.

How much does a business plan cost?

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Business plan costs are independently determined based on client requirements. Please reach out to us to obtain a custom quote within 24 hours.

What if the immigration officer
rejects my business model?

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Since we have a 97% success rate, the chances of a rejection are pretty low. But if a rejection does occur, we apply a collaborative approach in discussing the next steps to enhance your business plan.

Demonstrating Our Work

Business Plan Samples

  • Detailed research

  • High-end design & infographics

  • Fully customized to your business

  • User friendly document made from scratch

  • According to latest Immigration Standards

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